Where does money come from?

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Where does money come from?

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This article is not really about money, it’s about value, so if you’re looking for a quick answer or a magical location where all the money you ever wanted is sitting there wrapped up in nice little bundles with small strips of paper, this isn’t the article for you.

We live in a society of instant gratification. We buy on credit in the hope we’ll be able to keep up the payments on our car, big screen tv, gadgets and so forth.

I remember when my mum and dad built our house in Baulkham Hills in the late 1960’s, we had newspaper on the windows for 6 months, and the back verandah was missing a whole section of concrete floor because they couldn’t afford to finish those items at the time, and so the back doors to the verandah remained nailed shut for a couple of years.

This is a not a monty pythonesque story of how lucky I was growing up. We didn’t have to get up before we went to bed, or eat gravel for breakfast :))

However, it’s interesting to note we all want everything now, and we all consider it our birthright to have as much money or credit as we want to have the shiny things we want NOW!!!

I have noticed in business a similar trend towards wanting everything now, or at least believing in a birthright to have a fair share of any market in which that business decides to compete.

This just isn’t reality, the world is a competitive place, there’s a lot of price competition for sure. But people do still value things like trust, honesty, delivering on promises, and saving time. This goes for businesses and for working individuals as well within companies because the owners of companies are the customers of the worker too. Provide value, do your job well, be competent and the honest owner will reward you (yes, of course there are dishonest and uncaring employers I agree)

And this is ultimately where money comes from. If you deliver value to your customers – whatever that entails for them, if you deliver value for your boss – then you will attract money/earn money/receive money in exchange.

If you don’t deliver on your promises, provide poor customer service, sell products that don’t perform as promised – you won’t get money in exchange.

So money comes from delivering something of value. Simple isn’t it.

Have a great day!


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