Stop assuming, start asking

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Stop assuming, start asking

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In the past few years, we’ve benchmarked close to 1000 small businesses in regards to their marketing effort. To be fair, most small businesses owners were never taught marketing, but it’s still an interesting finding to see that less than 20% of them have asked their clients about needs, wants or satisfaction in the past year.

In almost any initial conversation we have with prospective clients I find all too often they are making assumptions about their customers. Now, I’m a scientist by training and even the simplest experiment can sometimes require an assumption to test.

But in business, marketing programs can cost a lot of money and a seemingly cost effective marketing program can end up being very costly indeed if it misses the mark.

So my recommendation to business owners out there is this – invest a little in finding out about your customers and prospects before running a marketing program. Armed with their interests, needs, wants and things that are important to them, you will be much better able to choose marketing channels, and messages and in the long run save yourself a lot of wasted effort.

Making assumptions really means you are limiting yourself to just what you think. Whereas asking questions opens you up to the thoughts and opinions of your customers – and their opinions and thoughts are ultimately more important than yours anyway.

Have fun and speak soon.


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