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Service – simple and friendly

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I just recently returned from a family holiday to the North Island of New Zealand. Apart from being an awesome break, with some beautiful walks through natural bushland, hot water beaches, and some time with the family – one thing stood out about our Kiwi Neighbours – they understand service.

In the entire 13 days away, we did not once experience anything other than pure, friendly, simple service.

Every hotel, cafe, tourist destination, service station(yep they fill up your petrol for you!) offered a warm welcome, easygoing attitude and friendly help when needed.

I’ve written about service in the past, but this holiday experience prompted me to comment. I have to say, businesses in Australia could learn something from this because universally good service is no longer a characteristic of the Australian Small business scene. Sometimes you get it, but at other times it’s almost as if you’re taking up the persons time, causing them grief, upsetting their schedule.

You don’t have to take a trip to New Zealand to experience it, but have a think about how you and your team can offer simple, friendly service to your customers – whether they are happy or not.

It’s such a cheap way to market and brand yourself well. And win as a result.



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