The rise of selfie marketing

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The rise of selfie marketing

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In the last 15 years since the launch of social media sites like Facebook and Instagram we’ve seen an increasingly self centred wave of communication on the internet.

From selfies in the mirror, to self serving ‘I’ve got a secret’ information marketing to the tsunami of billions of posts, tweets, blogs and pronouncements.

I realise the irony that I’m pointing this out in a blog, but bear with me.

We’re drowning in a sea of information and even a curated feed on our social media page is simply full of stuff we’re not interested in.

And this is my point.

Like any good marketing or communication, it isn’t about you!

The only good communication in marketing is that which is aimed at a specific target audience utilizing the knowledge and understanding gained by careful market research and development of a market position and strategy.

Customers and Prospects respond to information that meets a need – whether this be avoidance of a pain/challenge in their life, or the pursuit of pleasure.

All the new online channels in the world will not change this basic fact about us humans – we are focused on what we need and want to survive, and we will engage with businesses for products and services that in our mind contribute to this survival – and yes a new pair of the ‘on-trend’ sports shoe or handbag is a matter of survival for some.

This is a call to arms to all businesses – large and small – to be more strategic, more focused, and more aware that when you are developing communication and content – no matter what channel it’s on. It isn’t about YOU, it’s about the customer.

And until you find a method of making it about them, you’re marketing will simply be a selfish shot in the dark.

Enjoy the journey to uncovering this for yourself.

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