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Research: DIY or not DIY?

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New Google Consumer Surveys gives you data fast.

We are getting used to online technologies revolutionizing the way we do things. From connecting and communicating, to finding information.

Now it seems we can ‘crowd source’ or get customer input easily too – with just a click of a button. Google’s entrance into the market research space offers anyone the ability to set up a simple survey and broadcast it to Google customers. It costs $0.10 per response for the general population, and $.50 for custom audiences, often with results in just minutes. Whilst currently restricted to US audiences, Google has its eye on launching in Australia soon.

Sounds like an inexpensive, easy way of getting info that anyone can do? Yes maybe. Simple polls could be done this way to get a quick snapshot of customer sentiment across a broad population. This would be particularly helpful to reach out to people who aren’t necessarily your customers.

Take care though as DIY tools such as Google surveys usually have their pit-falls. For instance, Google surveys is a collection tool. So if the survey design is bad, then even if data is gathered, its more than likely the results are not going to give you an accurate data set. “Garbage in, garbage out” as they say.

A professional researcher will help to eliminate errors in survey design such as double- barreled questions, unbalanced rating scales and complex questioning techniques.

Plus, they are able to take full advantage of questionnaire logic which means you can narrow down into segmented questioning without annoying the rest of the audience. Try doing that on Google Surveys.

So as with all emerging technology, new opportunities exist which we all need to respond to. We just need to remember it always comes back to the user, not the tool.

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