Reconnect with your customers

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Reconnect with your customers

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Are you like many, many business owners in Australia? Are you challenged by finding new customers? Our benchmarks say up to 40% of all business owners in Australia consider this to be their number #1 challenge in business.

It isn’t cashflow or HR problems or anything else that keeps them awake at night.

It is how to find more customers.

Do you know what the major issue is that leads to this challenging situation?

It is losing touch with the customers you already have!

It all starts out so well. You decide to start a business, and you inject money, sweat, blood and tears setting it up. You grind away and through a nice dose of passion and perhaps a little luck – you pick up your first client. You love them, you service them, you delight them. And then you pick up a second, third, 10th, 100th client.

And there’s only so much love to go around right?

You employ some staff, and show them how to do what you do.

And you grow and start having to handle problems like stock, and cashflow, and staff issues and so forth.

And along the way, the most important person to the future of your business gets forgotten – the customer.

In our benchmark, less than 20% of businesses had surveyed their customers in the past year. Often when I ask business owners what their customers want I get a stream of ideas and thoughts and assumptions that are all in the mind of the business owner, and have not actually come from personal conversations with their customer.

Sure, many business owners do a nice job of servicing their customer, they deliver what they promised they would. Their product and service does what it said it would.

But in today’s world there are probably 3, 4 or 5 local businesses who do exactly the same functional product or service that you do. It’s very competitive.

If you want to get new customers, if you want to grow, if you need to handle increasing demands on your time and money – which you feel can only be solved by getting new customers – I have a BIG TIP for you.

Reconnect with the customers you already have.

Get a current picture – TODAY – of what they need and want. Find out what you do well, and what you suck at.

This doesn’t need to be a fancy research study. Just have coffee with 5, 10 or 20 customers. Find out what problem they are trying to solve with your product or service. Find out how well your product or service is helping them solve that need.

You’ll be surprised at what you find out. And your customer will be both surprised and delighted that you asked.

If you want new customers, talk to the existing ones.

And your future strategy will be that much clearer – pretty simple.

Have a great day.



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