Raising Dough – 21 Tips for Community Fundraising

February 13, 2016

Over the years, we’ve established a successful model of commercial/community partnerships for fundraising.

This is not philanthropy – it is commercial arrangements at the community level.

Anyone who has ever tried to raise money in community clubs will know it’s very hard.

Asking people for sponsorship money – also not easy.

One resource that community clubs have is their members – and members are also consumers – they buy stuff.

So finding out what they want to buy, and finding local companies who want that type of customer, and are willing to donate to your club for referrals/leads/purchases – is a model that works well for IGA.

In my new tips book – RAISING DOUGH – which will be launched very soon, I examine 21 tips for community groups who want to raise money this way.

It will be available soon, so look out for it.