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The ultimate kick-off for a business. We’ll deliver a workshop with you and your team auditing your current marketing programs, business model, goals, aspirations and helping you put together a detailed action plan for the next 12 months for your business.

- half day workshop

– bespoke planning document

– workbook

– FREE 12 month access to RMC valued at over $1000 – includes a range of over 100 marketing resources including videos, podcasts, tools, templates and checklists to plan, implement and measure a marketing program.

Just $2,495+gst

Ashley Hayden – Victoria and South Australia – 0400 975 036 or email ashley@bluefrogmarketing.com.au

Christopher Mooney – New South Wales and Queensland – 0408 665 456 or email chris@bluefrogmarketing.com.au

Other States – Please Call Hunter Leonard on 0400 237 647 or email hunter@bluefrogmarketing.com.au