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Quick tips for marketing

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I’ve been working in sales and marketing for over 25 years, and I think by now it’s fair to say I consider myself a professional in marketing strategy.

It’s interesting how often people will say to me, would you mind taking a quick look at my marketing and tell me what you think.

So I thought I’d write this short article on key marketing tips, because to be brutally honest I can’t take a quick look at marketing and tell people what i think – because that isn’t what a professional should do.

Invariably the question is aimed at having me look at a brochure, or an advert, or maybe the text for an e-mail. Now I might be able to give a snap opinion on whether it looks nice, or is interesting to me, but I have absolutely no idea looking at a piece of marketing collateral whether it’s going to work or be any good to that person. And even with the best information to hand, it still might not work.

As a professional I have so many questions to ask about a company’s marketing and business before I can give a valid answer to the question – what do you think?

Here are some of the questions that come to mind and which might help those business owners out there who are struggling to know if their marketing is any good or if it’s going to work.

How are you doing now?
Are sales up or down?
Are you just starting out?
Do you have a target audience?
Have you surveyed them to find out their needs?
Do you know if you can satisfy those needs?
How satisfied are your existing clients?
Do they refer you to new people?
What marketing are you doing now?
Do you know the source of the last 10, 50, 100 customers – where did they hear about you?
What are your goals?
Do you want to double your business, hold at the same size, sell it soon?
Are you measuring the marketing you are doing now? For leads, sales etc
What are your competitors doing?
Do you have all this written down?

These are just a few of the questions I need answers to, before I can give you my opinion on whether your marketing is any good, or if it’s going to work. And even then, I’d probably have to run some pilot marketing programs after a plan is written, and then over time I’d be able to give you a better and more accurate answer on this question.

And this is why a professional marketer is a professional – they take into account a wide range of factors that influence your business and your marketing. They have skills in a range of disciplines such as research, surveying, analysis, planning, project management, measurement, analytics, customer behaviours, communication, writing, creativity and much much more.

And it’s why a research project or a marketing plan may take a few months to compile and cost in excess of $30,000 to get right. But a good marketing plan, well written, and a smart tailored program of investment to find the best marketing for your business is worth much more. Because the waste of time and money if you don’t do it is enormous.

The next time you ask a professional marketer for their opinion make sure you have the answers to these questions, and if you don’t have them – be prepared to engage them, and invest in them to give you the answer.

Good luck with finding the marketing that works for you.



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