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Position yourself for Growth

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If you want to play a sport well, you usually need to know exactly what position to put your body in to effect a good shot, a good move, or the perfect kick. In AFL a goal kicking forward is concerned with the angle he has to kick, when and where to drop it onto his boot, balance of the body and follow through with the foot and leg.

If you tried to play a golf shot with one leg off the ground you’d probably find it reasonably difficult. As if golf wasn’t hard enough as it is.

Like these examples, a positioning statement gives a business balance, power and accuracy in their marketing. How does it do this?

Have you ever seen a business that didn’t quite know what it stood for, or what products and services it should be selling. Many business owners that have analysed where sales comes from have found products that sell little or none in their portfolio. these products can be either lost opportunities or wasted resource tied up in stock, marketing, and so forth.

A positioning statement states who the business is targeting, what they are going to sell, the relevant benefits of their product or service and why the target audience will believe this.

Most products or services have an obvious primary target audience – a computer game might be for teenagers, a Rolls Royce for wealthy men, an osteoporosis product for the elderly.

If your target audience isn’t so obvious you may need to do some more research on what type of customer most wants and needs your product or service.

Having a specific audience focus can save you a lot of marketing money. It can save you a lot of wasted time and effort. Understanding what you are best at can save a lot of research, development, manufacturing and training time and money.

A positioning statement gives you focus, it gives you power and it can save you a lot of time and money. And this is why you need one.

For more information on developing a positioning statement, you could read my marketing book – “Marketing has no off switch” which is available free on itunes.

In this book, I put the positioning statement in context with the rest of your marketing plan.

As always, have an awesome day guys and gals.

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