Melbourne Brick

Marketing Plan

Client: Melbourne Brick

Clients Needs: With the retail market undergoing tough market conditions and a lack of marketing resources available, Melbourne Brick required a proactive strategic marketing approach to grow their business. Effective measurement tools were requested by the client to measure marketing activities in order to determine the exact strategy and product mix offered by Melbourne Brick.

mbc-advertPromotion: To launch an effective targeted consumer promotion campaign with a minimum marketing budget and advertising expenditure.

Key Issues: With increased competition and declining trade sales, the client was in need of a new business strategy to maintain their market share and sales.

Product: Introducing a new range of products and brand extensions to the product mix required the expert advice and services from the team at BlueFrog Marketing to ensure its success.

BlueFrog Marketing Solution

Strategic Marketing Planning: Undergoing market assessment and developing a strategic marketing plan over a span of 3 years determined the most effective marketing mix for the client to achieve high monthly sales and profitability for the business.


Promotions: Upon recommendations from BlueFrog Marketing, the client introduced targeted trade promotion activities, which aimed to generate buy-in from the trades market. A range of campaigns were launched in support of this strategy, including; an SMS promotion which resulted in an impressive 8 times increase in Return On Investment compared to direct mail marketing. In addition, live-reads were integrated into the radio advertising component of the plan, which proved more successful in than pre-recorded advertising. Other promotional activities included in the plan were; print advertising, in-store promotions and a direct mail program.

Product & Brand Extensions: BlueFrog Marketing worked closely with the client to identify and launch a range of complimentary products and brand extensions to their existing product mix.

Distribution Channels: Collaboration with suppliers and other supply channels helped to successfully launch a landscaping and design business for the client in 2005.

Branding: Conducting an in-depth market research program revealed that customers associated the business with establishing an “outdoor dream”. This concept was integrated with the overall brand strategy which was aimed at developing an emotional connection with the brand as opposed to focusing on the rational product which was used in past advertising.

Results: Cash sales remained strong, despite declining market growth. Whilst many competitors have stopped advertising activities, persistence from the client to maintain a marketing plan resulted in increased growth for the business irrespective of market conditions.