RAPID: How it works

When engaged as your outsourced marketing department we first audit all your marketing activity to date – planned or unplanned, we seek to find out what has worked and what has not in the past.

We then initiate a program of research into your market, customers, competitors so we can proceed to analyse this data and your company to understand your relevant differentiated benefit and your best target audience. Following the first 3 steps of research, analyse and plan, we will then – if engaged – implement a 12 month marketing program. Finally, we measure all components of this program to deliver at the end of 12 months a more successful and effective marketing program than you’ve ever had before.

Marketing is a long term process and for some businesses true knowledge of the best marketing system may take some years, but the end result is a far more stable business that knows which marketing levers to pull to increase growth and performance over the competition in any market conditions.

Businesses that have better marketing, perform better.

Our RAPID Marketing Model


The first step of the process is to understand your market, your competition and your customers. Knowing the needs and wants of your prospects and customers is far more important than most business owners think. Unfortunately we’ve found that fewer than 10% of all businesses really know what their customers want and they tend to operate therefore on assumptions about needs and wants, rather than reality. The research step can involve reviewing the market situation, and competitors and also running surveys on your existing clients or prospects.


This is the filtering step where you analyse your own business and the competition and in particular your ability to meet the needs and wants of your customers and prospects. How well prepared are you to deliver on your promises.


The planning step is where it all comes together in a 3, 6 or 12 month plan for your marketing. It’s also where you get to decide how to position yourself in the marketplace in line with needs and wants identified in previous steps. Finally, you set objectives and resources to invest in your marketing effort.


We found in research that an alarmingly high number of businesses start at this step of the marketing process. They think they need a brochure or an advert or a promotion, and in a kneejerk reaction they book ads with no plan, make brochures with no idea what to say and run promotions that they ‘think’ are a bright idea – only to be doomed to failure. Trying to implement a marketing program without proper research, analysis and positioning is like trying to build a house from the roof down (it is simply impossible to do it).


One of the biggest missing steps in SME marketing in Australia. Less than 5% of businesses are measuring the results of their marketing programs or even asking simple questions of leads or prospects such as ‘where did you hear about us?’ – without a measurement strategy, marketing can be an is a waste of time and money. You just can’t guess what will or has worked.