Lead Generation

The BlueFrog Marketing B2B(business to business) lead generation program offers a cost and time effective approach to building your business. It’s easy to get started, we can be supplying you with leads almost immediately following your brief.

Free up your time and resources while we qualify and deliver new business leads.


  • Build your database – industry specific lists. We call to qualify the lead and gather important customer information.
  • Improve response –  we nurture prospects so they stay interested until they are ready to try or buy.
  • Increase sales – maximise the business you get from existing clients. For example, a management liability for your existing customers.
  • Get steady leads – with a monthly campaign we provide a stream of leads and even nurture prospects so they stay interested until they are ready to renew.
  • Proven results – the Blue Frog team have run over 100 campaigns for clients in the past ten years, generating long term ROI of up to $72 per $1 invested.
  • Our simply hourly rate remuneration (not lead based ) means we deliver strong qualified leads not specifically tied to payments per lead, which can be a flawed model
  • Specialising in B2B campaigns, means we know how to speak to professionals and business owners with our local Melbourne based, Aussie staff.


  • Generated almost 2000 new clients for a major industrial client
  • A recent campaign generated over 452 confirmations for attendance at a major presentation
  • Smaller campaigns for insurance advisers have generated between 40 and 80 leads over just a few weeks
  • Conducted strategic research for clients which added millions to bottom line profit through innovations based on client feedback
  • Run up to 1500 hours of lead generation in one month for 6 different clients, with all campaigns generating strong ROI


“We have used Hunter and Bluefrog as our marketing arm for our business. Hunter is passionate about marketing and business development and this has delivered great results for our insurance business. I would highly recommend having a chat with the team for all your marketing requirements.”
Simon Feldman, Sound Insurance Services

To get started or if you have any questions call (03) 9555 8751,or send us an email to hunter@bluefrogmarketing.com.au