Implement is the 4th step of the RAPID Marketing Model.

Generally regarded as the marketing mix of promotional activities that communicate to target customers in different ways and at different times. And as we’ve discussed, the place most businesses usually start with their marketing.

We hope you now appreciate the importance of not jumping straight into the I step without doing your research, analysis and planning.

In our benchmarking of businesses we found that many companies start their marketing at the I stage. I stands for implementation and should be the fourth step of your marketing. But why?

Well, Implementation of marketing involves tactical elements like advertising, direct mail, sponsorship, Google ads, websites and more. But how can you know what to say in these marketing pieces if you don’t know what clients want, what your competitors are doing, what you want to stand for, what your offer is? It’s just like the old DIY adage: measure twice, cut once.

The fourth stage of the RAPID Marketing Model is Implementation. This is also known as the ‘doing’ part of your marketing plan – and like all steps in the RAPID Model – there is a right and wrong way.

The right way to implement your marketing, especially the first time is to choose a variety of marketing methods – all targeted to the right audience and all containing your key messages of course. This is called a marketing mix.

The reason you choose a variety of methods first is you need to experiment with what works. So you might send a few direct mail letters to a sample of your database. You might run a short e-mail or telemarketing campaign.

The important thing is not to waste your entire budget on one thing, and not put all your eggs in one basket until you have some evidence of what is working.

Experiment, measure and then roll out your full marketing campaign.

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