Mentoring Packages

October 21, 2016

It’s long been our goal to democratise marketing. If you look at a dictionary on the meaning of this word, one unknown definition is to make accessible to everyone. We want all SME(small to medium enterprise) business owners to have access to high quality tools to plan, implement and measure better marketing strategies.

At Blue Frog Marketing, we’ve invested a great deal of time and money to understand the challenges that SME’s face in their marketing. In our benchmarks and surveys, which now extend to more than 10000 business owners, we know that it is rare for SME’s to have written marketing plans, rare for them to survey customers, and rare for them to measure what marketing works.

So we’ve made it our mission to show them in a clear concise set of tools the process for how they can go about improving their marketing.

We’ve now launched 3 mentoring packages – one fully DIY, and the others where you can access a personal coach to help you plan, implement and measure a marketing plan for your business.

Here’s a brochure on these mentoring packages.

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