Marketing is not an optional extra!

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Marketing is not an optional extra!

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We understand, we really do. Most business owners are either confused about their marketing or downright sick and tired of marketing that doesn’t work. In many cases they just give up on the idea of ‘marketing’ and then offer the excuse that they ‘don’t have time’.

I was talking to a business owner the other night at a colleagues book launch. He had very typical comments about his marketing, and you could almost see the physical pain on his face as he described trying to get his SEO and online marketing to work, and going through not one but two SEO suppliers in the past 12 months who promised the world and delivered little.

I’d like to share with these confused, upset, unhappy and pained business owners a few tips to get through these difficult situations. Because for good or for bad, marketing is not an optional extra in your business.

It’s probably good to take a moment to define marketing properly because it is one word in the business lexicon*(the vocabulary of a person, language, or branch of knowledge).

Marketing is taken to mean by some to be the brochures and ads, by others to mean social media, by still others to be promotions and seo.

But all these definitions are very often ‘tactics’. In fact marketing is not a ‘thing’ – it is a process. It is the process of connecting a business to its market and target audiences so that the business can understand, create and deliver value, thus being able to build and sustain a profitable enterprise.

So whether or not you are spending money on ads, or building a social media page, or running a sponsorship program, or sending emails to your existing customers – your business is MARKETING itself every single day.

It is now just a question of how well you are doing it. Those of you who have read my posts and booked over the last decade or so, will know that I created a long running business benchmark in marketing and that we have found that very few businesses think strategically about their marketing. They don’t understand their customers and markets, and rarely measure their marketing for what works.

The ONLY way you can get over the pain of spending money on tactics that don’t work, or over the mystery of finding out what will work in your business is to think about marketing as a STRATEGIC exercise.

Many years ago we developed as simple 5 step model – R.A.P.I.D to break down the development of a marketing strategy into easily digestible actions.

Research – understand your market, customers, competition and yourself

Analyse – refine your knowledge of market opportunities and threats by analysing this data

Plan – make decisions about your value and the position you want to take in the market, set goals, and assign resources to the marketing effort

Implement – pilot, test and measure and then rollout marketing tactics that communicate your value to your chosen target audience

Detect – measure all marketing, find out what is working to progress you towards your goals and then ‘rinse and repeat’

It isn’t rocket science, and I do feel your pain.

But marketing isn’t optional and there is a step by step way you can find your way through the difficult times to develop a marketing strategy that works for your business.

To find out more detail, I invite you to purchase one of my marketing books on itunes, kindle or at or reach out and ask for help. We offer a range of DIY and DO IT FOR ME services to suit the budgets of any business owner.

Alternatively, find a local marketer who specialises in strategy, who doesn’t make their income from the marketing channels they recommend and get started today.

I guarantee you’ll find relief, satisfaction and eventually a more valuable and profitable business from this process.

Enjoy your weekend



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