Do you really care about your customers?

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Do you really care about your customers?

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It is an interesting question isn’t it? And to be honest I’m not sure that all business owners today really do care about their customers. I don’t mean the level of ‘care’ you might have for a family member or best friend, but I’d like to share with you why I believe caring is the path to a long term successful and sustainable business.

Against my better judgement I clicked on and signed up for some information from a well known American business writer the other day. Their book is very famous and in partnership with an online marketing guru they promise you untold wealth in building an information marketing business. I thought I’d see their process so I could understand how it might be done.

With the promise of a LIVE seminar, I duly clicked on the link to listen to these gurus tell me how they have made gazillions out of selling information about their passion in life.

Well it took me exactly 2 minutes to realise the seminar was not in fact LIVE, but pre-recorded and whilst they tried to ‘script’ in commentary on live interaction it was clearly not.

So I shut down the link, and won’t be continuing in their FUNNEL to riches.

If that individual had cared about their customers, they would have not promised a LIVE seminar, which was pretty easily found out and if they can’t keep their first promise, then it’s pretty obvious they won’t keep any future ones either.

It prompted me to reflect on our benchmarking of business owners in Australia and New Zealand – we’ve now surveyed over 1200 business owners in depth about their marketing.

My views on successful marketing are well known by now – there are two elements to marketing – Creating Want and Delivering on the promise. Many get the first right, few even approach understanding how important the second part is.

Less than 15% of those business owners we have benchmarked have surveyed their customers in the past twelve months – so do they really care about customers? I think not.

If you care about customers, you ask them what they need and want. If you care you ask them how well you are doing at fulfilling their needs. If you care you communicate.

In today’s economy there is so much competition, so much focus on technology replacing human connections, so much focus on driving price down – even when price isn’t necessarily the primary motivation of the customer.

All these elements of competition, technology, price along with oversharing of useless information in 90% of the cases in social media, mean we’re focussing on the wrong things. And we’ve demonstrated as business owners that in fact we DON’T care about our customers.

A good mate – Tim Reid – who is host of Australia’s most popular marketing podcast recently published his book – The Boomerang Effect. His proposition is that being helpful returns more customers and makes you more money. You can buy it here

And he is absolutely 100% correct.

Being helpful and caring are two sides of the same coin.

So start caring about your customers and you can be assured of banking the benefits in more ways than one.

Imagine you were cooking food for a family member or friend. You’d probably check with them what they liked and didn’t like – wouldn’t you? And if you served up Brussel Sprouts when you knew they hated them – that would be cruel and unusual. But how many businesses do things like that everyday? Like promising to deliver somewhere between 9am and who gives a ‘s#@t’ and you’re sitting there at home waiting for them when you could be doing something much more interesting. Or taking 16 weeks to get internet connections set up in your new business when they know you’re relying on that for your livelihood.

Use that analogy to understand why it’s important to care about your customer – what they want – and how they feel about you.

Have an awesome day.

Hunter Leonard – The Marketing Chef ®

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