Do you believe in marketing?

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Do you believe in marketing?

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I believe that in every business there lies the perfect marketing position to help that business prosper without limits.

I believe that with a little effort and some smart strategy every business can virtually guarantee it’s future.

I believe this is true of any business, irrespective of economic conditions. I’ve seen businesses on the brink of collapse implement a new product or marketing initiative and flourish. In the most dire circumstances, a change of communication method, a new service offer, a new niche product can change the fortunes of any company.

The solution lies in making a promise to customers that you can deliver on. And more than that, a promise that once delivered, and delivered well with abundant value, would ensure those customers and many more need look nowhere else for satisfaction and yes, even joy from their purchase of that firms products or services.

I believe a well-run and well marketed business can be a strong and contributive member of our broader society provided the owners are willing to operate effectively.

I might be considered something of an idealist to think this way, but what is the alternative. Close the doors and give up? Look to some government for a handout?

Wouldn’t you prefer to do it yourself – to stare down certain defeat and emerge stronger and successful in spite of the challenges?

There are five critical steps any firm can take to establish a strong, competitive marketing system in their business.

Yes, it will take some effort, yes it will take some smart thinking – but you can do it if you want it badly enough. There is no magic bullet. Stop looking at huge brands with billion dollar budgets and thinking success is instant. Ignore the very few examples where overnight wealth is pushed by the media as accessible to everyone. In the real world, you have to work at your success and you have to put in some effort to work out who and what you are, what you want to stand for, and how your business fits into the competitive world out there. If you don’t put the effort in, you won’t get the rewards.

And if the guaranteed future of your business isn’t enough incentive, maybe the potential ruin of that same business should you not act will be sufficient for you to consider putting in a bit of time to get it right.

We have benchmarked over 1200 small to medium enterprises in Australia with our 50 question marketing survey. Unfortunately, I have to report that very few businesses are making the effort to do it right. Maybe it’s because they don’t have the training, maybe it’s because they are lazy, but Australian business scores only a little better than 50% on this marketing scorecard – doing just half of the things they should be doing to have a full, effective and successful marketing system in their business.

I for one, think that is unacceptable and why I’ll put in some effort passing on some expertise to business owners who are willing to have a crack at doing it better.

Good luck on your marketing journey with your business. With a little belief, you can make it happen.


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