Deliver on your promises

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Deliver on your promises

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It is my observation that many, many companies and their marketing departments are very, very good at making promises.

However, this is not what differentiates you from your competition.

The key to long term success in business is then delivering on them!

I haven’t always done this, and where I or my team have failed to do so, we have lost the confidence of and then the business of that customer. Sometimes, I’ve been able to intervene and fix the issue, and continue a relationship, but where we haven’t our reputation has been damaged.

Everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes how you fix them is almost or more important than being perfect.

However, from a marketing perspective, my counsel to clients is that you have to put much more hard work and thought into ensuring a promise is delivered than making it in the first place. After all, a promise made is only words and advertising, delivering it is where the real work AND opportunities lies.

I’ve never been a fan of the philosophy that brand awareness and reputation comes from your advertising, and marketing and if you don’t see an immediate result from your TV or radio ad, don’t worry – because it’s building your brand.

Brands can only be built when they deliver on promises consistently, they can’t be built just from being ‘known’.

Here are the fundamentals of the promise I aim to deliver with all my clients, and where I’m successful I’ve built truly rewarding long term relationships with clients – many of whom have also become firm friends.

1. I will always listen first – fundamental to being able to help clients with their marketing needs and wants is to listen to what they are first.

2. I will not make assumptions – a wild ass guess helps no one, it’s high risk and rarely results in successful marketing. Assumptions are like gambling.

3. Our marketing will be strategic. I am a firm believer in marketing as a process that requires research, analysis and planning before the rollout of a marketing campaign. Without a firm knowledge of customers, market and company, and an agreed positioning for the brand, marketing campaigns can be a meaningless waste of money.

4. I will take responsibility – when it’s my mistake, I fix it

5. It’s not about who is right – even though I’m a successful and experienced marketer – I’m not always right, and i’m not always the source of the good or effective marketing idea.

6. I’ll be passionate and interested. If I don’t have a passion for your brand and your company and I’m not interested in it, I’m not going to take the job of helping you create an amazing marketing strategy. How could I do it in that circumstance?

What’s your promise? What’s your record of delivering on it?

That’s the realm of truly successful people and brands.

Make the promises you can deliver, and dream of making bigger promises.



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