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Customer Who? Lamb Who

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Today I’d like to share a recipe from my new book on marketing – GET YOUR MARKETING COOKING will be available very soon as prime photography is now complete and editing is well underway.

The recipe is called Lamb Who? – I’m not sure why it is named that and I learnt it at a cooking demonstration in Queen Victoria Markets a few years ago. I never wrote the recipe down at the time, but I remember the ingredients and it’s super simple to make.

I chose this recipe as an analogy for one of the worst behaviours in business owners of small to medium enterprises in relation to their marketing. This behaviour I’ve called Customer Who? in honour of the dish that I’ll share with you too.

I’m following my own advice to clients here, in that we highly recommend – no insist – that our clients survey their customers regularly so they can understand not only the needs and wants of their customers – but also how well they are doing in delivering their products and services to the client.

Surveys can be informal or formal. They can be done in a meeting with a client, or via a free online tool like Survey Monkey – which we use a lot. Even a short survey loaded onto your ipad or tablet and handed to a client at reception or at the end of your work can be a method to use.

However you collect information, it is imperative you base your marketing communication on needs and wants of customers, and make sure you are serving those needs. Otherwise you’re working on assumptions.

So why for the love of you know who do more than 85% of business owners say they have not surveyed their customers in the last 12 months. Why, when I go into businesses to audit their marketing do I regularly find businesses who’ve NEVER surveyed their client.

I’m a pretty educated and trained marketer, having been in the profession for over 25 years and I find it tough to work out a marketing strategy without understanding the customer, so when I tell you it’s important – ITS IMPORTANT.

On numerous occasions over the years, we’ve found a gem of information from clients or our client’s customers that has enabled us to develop a new marketing program or strategy, and inevitably these are successful when run – they result in good to great RETURN ON INVESTMENT.

So don’t say CUSTOMER WHO? be a company who says CUSTOMER FIRST.

And here in honour of your new found commitment to survey your customers is the recipe for LAMB WHO.

Ingredients (serves 4)

12 Frenched Lamb Cutlets

2 Eggplant

4 Zucchini

One quarter of a Pumpkin

300g Sheep’s Milk Yoghurt per person

2 slices Saganaki Cheese/Haloumi Cheese


Lemon Juice


Slice the eggplant, zucchini and pumpkin into thin slices and grill on a hot BBQ, seasoning with pepper and salt and olive oil as needed – turning so both sides have nicely charcoaled grill marks on them. Setaside in a cool oven at say 125 degrees whilst you prepare the meat.

Mix sheeps milk yoghurt with loosely chopped mint. Setaside a little of the mint for serving.

BBQ the cutlets on a hotplate for 3 mins each side – you want them medium rare inside, unless someone objects to this in which case you can cook until well done.

Slice saganaki cheese into 0.5cm slices and put in a pan with olive oil and a little lemon juice and pepper and salt – cook until well done on both sides but still soft inside.

Place Lamb Cutlets in a stack with the ‘handles’ pointing out to different angles on the plate.

Heap slices of eggplant, pumpkin and zucchini on the plate and top with a generous piece of saganaki cheese and then a big dollop of sheep’s milk yoghurt with the mint mixed in. Sprinkle a few chopped mint leaves on top of yoghurt and serve. Season with Lemon Juice when serving.


Hunter Leonard

The Marketing Chef ®

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