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Who am I? What do I do? How can I help?

My name is Hunter Leonard; I’m a consultant with a specialty in marketing strategy. I help business owners get more high value customers. Over the past 16 years, I have benchmarked more than 1200 business owners on their marketing challenges. I’ve…

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Mentoring Packages

It’s long been our goal to democratise marketing. If you look at a dictionary on the meaning of this word, one unknown definition is to make accessible to everyone. We want all SME(small to medium enterprise) business owners to have…

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Raising Dough – 21 Tips for Community Fundraising

Over the years, we’ve established a successful model of commercial/community partnerships for fundraising. This is not philanthropy – it is commercial arrangements at the community level. Anyone who has ever tried to raise money in community clubs will know it’s…

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Satisfaction doesn’t mean referrals

The image above is one of my favourite Melbourne locations for coffee, and italian food. An institution in Melbourne since the 1960′s I tell everyone I know who visits Melbourne they must go there. And since Pelligrini’s haven’t changed their…

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Astounding Gaps in Marketing Strategy

Recently I had the opportunity to audit the marketing department of a company. Some time ago I developed a process for doing these audits, based on my RAPID Marketing Model that I’ve used for over 10 years in our consulting….

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Know your sweet spot

Every business has a sweet spot. That area of the market, type of customer, product range that contributes more to the success of the business than anywhere else. The old 80:20 is proven true again and again. It may be…

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Position yourself for Growth

If you want to play a sport well, you usually need to know exactly what position to put your body in to effect a good shot, a good move, or the perfect kick. In AFL a goal kicking forward is…

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The Death of Marketing

Marketing is dying. And it will soon be dead if urgent action isn’t taken by the marketer themselves. If death does come, in what form will that be? I’m sure most people will agree that marketing is first and foremost…

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Are you listening?

Perhaps the most underestimated skill on this planet today is listening. It possible you could say that we only really learn something when we listen. Whether it is quietly sitting in a forest listening to the birds, or on a…

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Marketing – what is it really?

Marketing as a word is probably one of the most misused, misunderstood and misleading terms ever invented. It has such a broad range of meanings to people, it has almost become unusable, because if you mention the word – there…

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