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Bringing Organisation to Marketing

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The biggest lightbulb moment I’ve had in my 25 years of marketing was identifying that 90% of the costs in marketing was in the tactics, but 90% of the ability to influence your return on investment is in the strategy – which naturally comes before the tactic.

I was constantly witnessing clients and marketers spending huge sums of money on tactics – which were not backed by enough due diligence in the strategy.

When I was working in an advertising agency, we had a green brand manager as a client who spent 50% of their budget on promotional items within days of us winning their work on a major new product launch. Before any strategic document was written before a brief had been sent. It was incredibly disappointing.

Time after time, I hear business owners say – oh we tried that and it didn’t work. I’ve seen small businesses spend money on radio, and Google AdWords, and social media, and print – all without ever having done a survey of clients or target markets to understand their value proposition.

A strategy is like painting a wall – 90% of the quality of the end result is in the planning and preparation – like picking the right paint, sanding the wall down, repairing holes and so forth. If that’s done right the actual painting is quick, easy and looks great.

So whilst you spend 90% of your budget on the tactics, you should spend 90% of your time as a marketer on getting the strategy right – researching your market, analysing your strengths and weaknesses, identifying market opportunities and so on.

Great marketing strategy is a process – we codify it in our model – R.A.P.I.D – for the five steps of the process – Research, Analyse, Plan, Implement and Detect.

When we found the majority of SME businesses start at “I” or if you like the tactics of marketing, I realised it was important to get organised as a business owner, to get organised as a marketer and do the steps in the right order or sequence.

In thinking about our purpose as a business, I also realised that my value proposition is:

Putting organisation into marketing so I can bring marketing to organisations.

Hope this helps you rethink your marketing process, and gets you organised too.

Have a great day


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