At my best when creating

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At my best when creating

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I’ve just set myself a goal, I want to put on an exhibition of macro photography within the next 12 months. The photo in this post is one I took of a small jade elephant in our back garden and I’m pretty happy with the result.

In setting this goal – amongst many other goals that I have-I realised; not for the first time – that I’m at my best when creating; working towards some future goal; aspiring to improve my ability or knowledge in something.

Late last year, I realised my business wasn’t as interesting to me as it had been in the past. I was bogged down in admin tasks like working out super payments, and subsequently I probably wasn’t giving my best to staff or clients

After totalling re-organising the business back to the original idea of offering outsourced strategic thinking I think I’ve been delivering some pretty high quality advice to clients, and I’ve become more creative on other fronts – like getting back into my photography, playing more music, and generally feeling more excited about the future.

I’ve observed in my friends, clients and family that they are happiest when they are working towards something in the future. If not, they tend to be more focussed on problems, or on the past.

It’s not new news to you I’m sure, but what is it you are working towards – what can you be creative about.┬áIt doesn’t have to be a personally creative thing, but how could you create something interesting in your business, or interesting for your staff.

Because I reckon it’s pretty certain you’ll be able to give a better result to your staff, your clients, your marketing – if you have that in mind.

I’m at my best when I’m creating. You’re best when you are creating too!



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