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Asking the right questions?

On June 30, 2017, Posted by , in Blog, With No Comments

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With the surveys of over 10,000 business owners under our belt, we have a pretty good idea what the most common marketing challenges are.

For most businesses, getting new customers is the number #1 challenge they face. Along with cashflow issues, this is what keeps many business owners awake at night.

But if they started asking the right questions of themselves, it wouldn’t have to be this way.

All great marketing strategies are derived from the willingness to ask questions. Many poor strategic decisions come from thinking you have all the answers!!

Rather than assuming you know what is going on in your market or your business, or blindly following some ‘experts’ advice such as “you most definitely have to be on social media”, or “you simply must advertise in this magazine” or “everyone else does letterbox drops in our industry so you need to as well” – the best place to start your marketing strategy is to the following questions.

  1. What do our current customers want from us?
  2. What do our current customers think about us?
  3. If we were to get new customers, who would they be?
  4. What are the needs and wants of those target customers?
  5. What are our current strengths and weaknesses?
  6. What opportunities and threats are there in our market today and in the near future?
  7. What actions do we need to take to minimise the impact of our weaknesses and take advantage of our strengths?
  8. What do we want to stand for/how do we want to be positioned?
  9. What resources will we need to reach our goals and aspirations?
  10. What marketing programs could we try and measure to see what works?

These are amongst the many questions you should have answers to before you ever start a marketing program.

Because being armed with the answers, you’ll be in a far better strategic position to ensure future success – not just in your marketing, but in your business overall.

There are many other questions, but these are a good start.

If you’d like to know the process for getting the answers to these questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Blue Frog Marketing because strategic insight is what we do best.

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