Are you listening?

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Are you listening?

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Perhaps the most underestimated skill on this planet today is listening.

It possible you could say that we only really learn something when we listen.

Whether it is quietly sitting in a forest listening to the birds, or on a beach listening to the waves break, or listening to a client tell you what they need.

One thing is for certain, when you talk you’re generally communicating information you already know, but when you ask a question and then shut up and process the reply, you will get an answer.

I’ve seen a lot of examples of not listening in my career as a marketer, and yes have not listened myself too.

The end result is usually not good – a lost customer, a lost opportunity, frustration, anger and so forth.

But when you listen, and then deliver on what is asked for – it’s joy, more business, happiness, smiles all round.

When I benchmarked over 800 businesses with our RAPID Marketing Survey – we found that fewer than 15% of businesses had surveyed their customers in the past year – not listening. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s actually quite hard to get certain businesses to listen to you. For a start they put in barriers, like multiple selections on automated answering services, like not even having a number you can call, like changing your service options without asking for your opinion.

A client of ours once rang me to say they wanted to terminate our contract as the account manager I had assigned to them, wasn’t listening to them. Within 7 days through a process of asking the right questions, listening carefully to them, and then delivering on their needs I was not only able to keep that client, but increase our retainer by 50%.

So you can imagine, I believe in listening very carefully.

Who are you not listening to in business? On what issues could you be more informed if you listened to your family, friends, staff or customers.

Try it for yourself. It’s an ear opening experience.

Have a great day.



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