Aesthetics and Marketing

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Aesthetics and Marketing

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You may have heard about the golden mean, or golden ratio. Dozens of leading mathematicians, designers, architects and artists based their work on this. And in nature, many of the things we see as aesthetic follow this rule.

But what has it got to do with you and your marketing.

Well, for some reason – which I’m sure someone smarter than me will explain to you – we humans respond to aesthetics. We like things that look good, have symmetry. We don’t like clutter, we like to have our attention directed.

From your logo, to your brochures. From your brand positioning, tagline to the design of your stores – you can take advantage of this in your marketing.

If you look at an advertisement you have created and you don’t know where to look, or if your attention is ‘all over the place’ – then you haven’t got it quite right.

Of course, large companies know all about this – they use beautiful people with symmetrical features, well lit photographs, even have their talent hold their product at a certain angle in images and so forth.

But any business can use the aesthetic principles to make their business more attractive. Take a look around your shop and see where it’s cluttered. Clean up your desk that you work at. Simplify your letter or brochure to make it more pleasing to your eye.

And while we’re at it, enjoy some aesthetics yourself. Keep your car clean and uncluttered when you’re visiting clients, carry a nice portfolio, wear a nice watch.

Have your sales people use a quality pen when they are getting clients to sign agreements. Make sure all your team use the correct font in their e-mail communications.

There are a million uses of aesthetics in marketing, and just because it looks good, doesn’t mean it has to be fake either.

Use aesthetics to your advantage next time you are preparing a marketing campaign. And witness the impact it makes on your success.

In my photo above, you see an access cover from a road inside theĀ gardens of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo Japan – only in Japan would you find beautiful ‘manholes’.

Cheers and have a great weekend.


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