Drawing on a combined experience of marketing and sales, our founders are able to tackle challenging marketing issues and deliver successful growth strategies. In healthcare, manufacturing, finance, professional services, industrial, FMCG and retail environments, we have proven success.

The BlueFrog Marketing Team have the following core marketing capabilities:

  • Board level strategic marketing advisory services
  • Strategic Audits of existing marketing plans
  • Strategic Marketing Planning
  • Customer Insight and Market Research
  • Strategic Brand Positioning
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Do it yourself Marketing toolbox – the RAPID Marketing Centre
  • Marketing Workshops on almost any topic in marketing

In late 2014, Blue Frog Marketing Founders Hunter & Nicole Leonard refocussed the business on it’s core DNA of strategic marketing. We have now outsourced all the basic tactical work to friends and colleagues such as graphic design, lead generation, online marketing, social media and so forth. However, we can still co-ordinate all these tasks for you so you only have to deal with one person.

All work done is bespoke for clients, and we operate off the first step of a marketing plan or program. We do not do ad-hoc graphic design or websites or other tactics without first going through the process of assessing and planning the right marketing program for you.