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Hi, my name is Hunter Leonard, Founder and Chief Experience Officer of Blue Frog Marketing. Along with my wife and business partner – Nicole – we founded Blue Frog in 2001.

Our passion today, as it has always been is to help business owners. Whether this is through our books, workshops, courses or consulting, we simply love finding ways to help business owners run better businesses.

We also support many philanthropic causes from the profits of our business including keeping kids off street drugs and human rights issues. We partner with suppliers who do the same from our printers, to our accounting firm. Collectively, our support has generated hundreds of thousands of days of positive impact in the world.

We’ve been through many phases, from a sole person start up to a multi million dollar consulting firm with twenty staff. Today, we’ve pioneered a new model with our business and we’re now building Australia’s first and leading network of  strategic marketing advisors. Our mission is to help business owners get more high value customers.

We’ve proven our ability to add value for our clients with multiple national awards for marketing excellence and effectiveness.

Following our own advice about understanding your client through research, Blue Frog has also developed Australia’s foremost benchmark of more than 1200 business owners on their marketing challenges.

We’ve now personally consulted to more than 500 business owners of all shapes and sizes in 20 different industries, and helped them to more than $2 billion in revenue growth.

In keeping with our social goals, all strategic advisors are mature highly experienced strategists. They can advise any business of any size on high level strategic marketing issues to deliver advice that will increase business value both now and in the future.

I’ve also now written and published six best selling books to help these business owners with their marketing strategy.

In our experience, the three main problems business owners have with respect to marketing are:

1. They are confused about what marketing to do, and how to get new customers

2. They don’t have the staff to do it

3. They have significant business value issues as a result

To solve these problems BLUE FROG MARKETING have developed proven methods to extract what their value is; develop marketing strategies to take advantage of this value; and coach and mentor the people responsible for marketing in their organisation and/or provide full outsourced strategic advisory services.

The end result for our clients is more high value customers, and an increased business value now and in the future

If you’d like to talk about how BLUE FROG MARKETING can help your business, please drop us an email, or contact one of our advisors.

Ashley Hayden – Victoria – 0400 975 036 or email ashley@bluefrogmarketing.com.au

Christopher Mooney – New South Wales – 0408 665 456 or email chris@bluefrogmarketing.com.au

Other States – Please Call Hunter Leonard on 0400 237 647 or email hunter@bluefrogmarketing.com.au

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