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At my best when creating

I’ve just set myself a goal, I want to put on an exhibition of macro photography within the next 12 months. The photo in this post is one I took of a small jade elephant in our back garden and…

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Service – simple and friendly

I just recently returned from a family holiday to the North Island of New Zealand. Apart from being an awesome break, with some beautiful walks through natural bushland, hot water beaches, and some time with the family – one thing…

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Knee Jerk Marketing

Above this post you see the image of a reflex hammer – used to tap a nerve in your knee and get an instant reaction that you can’t control. Thus the term knee jerk. In my many years in the…

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Deliver on your promises

It is my observation that many, many companies and their marketing departments are very, very good at making promises. However, this is not what differentiates you from your competition. The key to long term success in business is then delivering…

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Aesthetics and Marketing

You may have heard about the golden mean, or golden ratio. Dozens of leading mathematicians, designers, architects and artists based their work on this. And in nature, many of the things we see as aesthetic follow this rule. But what…

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Marketing…what is it really?

Marketing as a word is probably one of the most misused, misunderstood and misleading terms ever invented. It has such a broad range of meanings to people, it has almost become unusable, because if you mention the word – there…

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Where does money come from?

This article is not really about money, it’s about value, so if you’re looking for a quick answer or a magical location where all the money you ever wanted is sitting there wrapped up in nice little bundles with small…

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My apple is more unique than your apple?

There a concept in marketing called the unique selling proposition or USP. You’ve no doubt hear about it. It’s also sometimes referred to as a Relevant Differentiated Benefit – a term I prefer. Let’s break this down – Relevant –…

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Are you listening?

Perhaps the most underestimated skill on this planet today is listening. It possible you could say that we only really learn something when we listen. Whether it is quietly sitting in a forest listening to the birds, or on a…

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