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Get your Marketing Cooking Conversation

The Get your Marketing Cooking Conversation is our introductory service for small businesses who need a kickstart for their marketing program.

The “Get your Marketing Cooking Conversation” is just $495+gst and includes a 90 minute phone or skype consultation with one of our strategic Advisors, a customised advisory brief based on that meeting, and a signed copy of our Founders latest marketing book – “Get your Marketing Cooking” – you can book yours in by contacting one of our advisors:

Ashley Hayden – Victoria – 0400 975 036 or email

Christopher Mooney – New South Wales – 0408 665 456 or email

Other States – Hunter Leonard on 0400 237 647 or email

R.A.P.I.D Kickstart Program

The ultimate kick-off for a business. We’ll deliver a workshop with you and your team auditing your current marketing programs, business model, goals, aspirations and helping you put together a detailed action plan for the next 12 months for your business.

- half day workshop

– bespoke planning document

– workbook

– FREE 12 month access to RMC valued at over $1000 – includes a range of over 100 marketing resources including videos, podcasts, tools, templates and checklists to plan, implement and measure a marketing program.

Just $2,495+gst

Ashley Hayden – Victoria and South Australia – 0400 975 036 or email

Christopher Mooney – New South Wales and Queensland – 0408 665 456 or email

Other States – Please Call Hunter Leonard on 0400 237 647 or email


The rise of selfie marketing

In the last 15 years since the launch of social media sites like Facebook and Instagram we’ve seen an increasingly self centred wave of communication on the internet. From selfies in the mirror, to self serving ‘I’ve got a secret’

Technology for Grown Up Business Owners

Technology that will suit the refined tastes of Grown Up Business Owners #Recipeforsuccess If you’ve read my latest book – Get your Marketing Cooking – you’ll know how much I love cooking. So I’m delighted to share this article, which

RAPID Marketing Model and its importance to YOUR Business.

Here are some pointers on how important our RAPID Marketing Model and how it gives impact and value to your business. RESEARCH The purpose of research is to understand. It’s very difficult to make the right marketing decision if you

Marketing is not an optional extra!

We understand, we really do. Most business owners are either confused about their marketing or downright sick and tired of marketing that doesn’t work. In many cases they just give up on the idea of ‘marketing’ and then offer the

Do you believe in marketing?

I believe that in every business there lies the perfect marketing position to help that business prosper without limits. I believe that with a little effort and some smart strategy every business can virtually guarantee it’s future. I believe this

The good, bad and ugly of marketing advice

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text] Over the last few years, we’ve been having a few conversations with business owners about marketing. Well maybe a little more than a few. Ok, over 10,000 conversations. Not all face to face mind you. Not enough hours